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Question: When looking at a battery model number (such as 12-100-15) what do the numbers stand for.
Technician: 12 is # of cells, each cell is 2 volts, so 12 x 2=24 volt 100 is amp hour cap per pos plate 15 is total number of plate per cell, the use of this is 15 plates-1=14/2=7 the 7 is the number of pos plates per cell 7 x 100=700 ah sooo you have a 24 volt 700 amp hour battery Regards
Question: Mitubishi Grey Market Fork lift..... Steering box is out. The steerign box contains an aluminum tube with ball bearings inside of it. The tube failed and the ball bearings came out. It no longer steers at all. I'm trying to connect with someone who can find a replacement tube, or maybe even the entire steering box. The following numbers are on placards (with Japanese lables) on the lift: 750405204 71-03-003 FD 20 3000 mm 2000 kg 0016 I'm not sure which is model number or serial number. The diesel motor runs fine....just the steering is out. Suggestions?
Technician: call our parts dept 877*411-lift
Question: GC25E Daewoo propane forklift with a dead battery. Is this a special battery or can a car battery be used, if so do you sell one?
Technician: automotine style battery should be fine, check size and post loication
Question: We have a 1965 Yale serial #AG094577 with a Continental 4 Cyl engine #F135A 3052 S 324 Installed New Plugs, Wires, Air Filter and Battery. Removed the Needle Valve in the Jet cleaned and reset to 1 full turn open. Engine runs but only with the help of the choke (About Half)If I release the choke engine will Spit, Sputter & Backfire. My Question is - Timing Issue? If so I don't see where or what to loosen to Advance or retard the timing. Thanks for your time. Roger
Technician: carb worn out, air fuel mixture-- are the plugs blackish out white, the whole distr. should turn to adj timming
Question: i have a 24volt battery in an old Clarke fork lift pallet type.the battery is a 600ah,12 small battery's,its time for a new charger,i found a Lester charger 9690 60amp DC 24v will this work or should it be smaller or larger?
Technician: 60 amp is up to 330 amps 120 amp-up to 660 amp so your 60 amp will not fully charge the battery
Question:  I have a lift mod.# HLF15TT, ser# HBoo12131 type is E160728. Is there an access panel on trans to adjust bands, reverse has gone out. Was delay before going into reverse, now you might get a slight roll and then nothing. electric good and solenoids are good and strong. Pulled spool valve all "o"rings and back up are good. ???
Technician: no external adjustments, common is bad internal seals, need to remove transmission Regards
Question: whats the gravity spec for a 24 volts commerecial battery?.
Technician: 1275 fully charged
Question: I have a mis and I have no info on my forklift. Is there a place I can go and give my numbers off my forklift to get info. It is a 4 cylinder gas. Serial #Y4048650 engine serial # 39286
Technician: pull spark plug wire to locate the cylinder that is not firing..and/or take a compression test.. Send us a pictur and we can id your motor Regards
Question: model number s40xl lp only how long to replace water pump assy? how long does it take? call or text or email.
Technician: That unit has more then one motor option, but it should take about 3 hours to replace the water pump
Question: get pin out from tilt ram
Technician: If it dosn't want to come out, unscrew the piston and leave the clevis on the mast Regards
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